Monday, 25 July 2016

Warwickshire Avon – 28 Days Later

Sunday morning, deserted banks, what’s going on….

It was eerily quiet, remember the the British post-apocalyptic film 28 days later ? Captive chimpanzees infected with the highly contagious rage virus were released by animal liberation activists and go on the rampage.Anyway the main character Jim awakens from his coma in St Thomas’ London to find the entire hospital deserted. He wanders the streets of London finding it deserted as well.

It was felt like that….

Where was everybody?

Well it’s tough fishing that’s why, but as I had the choice of swims it was a matter of roving around to try and find some fish.

I started at the weir which looked as inviting as tax forms, odd for a weir isn’t it but after putting the float through a number of times it was time to move on. Maybe when it’s up and the water has some pace I will try again but it looked largely devoid of fish.

I moved downstream but again despite trying a 3 or 4 swims there wasn’t much going on. Right, let’s find some fast water.

I found a cracking swim which was around 2 foot deep and allowed a reasonable trot down through some streamer weed.

With ones polarised cocoons after loose feeding some hemp, small pellets and bread through the swim eventually the tell-tale black backs of summer Chub could be seen. They were very cagy too, the bigger fish were tucked away under some thick reeds that provided a nice roof over their heads. As soon as I raised my head, I could see them and they could see me so they back under their sanctuary they went.

I kept on feeding for half an hour or so then a big piece of bread flake went on the hook.

The first fish came with the first cast and then I had a cracking couple of hours trotting the float through the pacey water.

They key was once a fish was caught to get them confidently feeding again before putting the float out.

The bigger Chub proved elusive with the biggest 3lb or so but still gave a good scrap in the fast water.

I reckon, creeping in to the swim and dropping in a bait nailed to the bed might bag a bigger fish as they were certainly wary.


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