Monday 13 July 2015

Warwickshire Avon - The wanderer returns

I was very tentative for this session, a stomach bug the previous weekend had knocked me for six and I still felt drained and knackered and not entirely in the mood for fishing. For some much needed fresh air and bank time I decided to travel as light as possible with a tub of lobworms and not much of a plan. The rivers are not the best at the minute, with conditions tough, very low and clear and in need of a top up, so even a bend in the rod would be nice.

I had planned to fish the weir at the brook because of the oxygenated water but the surface looked like the worlds biggest bubble bath and also the farmer and his helpers were planting meters from it, hardly peaceful. There are decent Perch in this stretch but there needs to be a tinge of colour otherwise the bigger fish are nowhere to be seen. This is probably the clearest I've seen it in a long time. 

I fished 5 different swims with plenty of small Perch and chublets with the biggest fish 3.5lb Chub that fought well in the clear water. 

I'm gradually getting back in to the swing of things but this weekend it will be the lads annual pilgrimage to Ibiza with beer and tapas at the Cafe Del Mar, hopefully the rivers will be better nick for when I return.


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