Tuesday 2 September 2014

Vilamoura - Cruzeiros Da Oura

The third time I've fished with the Cruzeiros Da Oura crew out of Vilamoura and it's always an enjoyable day away from the chaos of the kids. The Wife had a day at a spa, mine is to have a days fishing. 

A quick report but amongst us four anglers and the crew we had conger, scorpion fish, bream, wrasse, mackerel and the Algarves equivalent of the cod. 

Simple tactics, find a reef, two hooks baited with mackerel, prawn or squid and some lead to get down to 40 metres, await for the tip to rattle and job done. Met up with the Wife for a cocktail afterwards everyone's a winner. 

It's cooled down this week but last week it was mid thirties, far too hot for fishing , well for me anyway. Today was 27 or so and just about bearable. If you're ever in the area, check out these guys. September is barbel time for me, cannot wait, in the mean time, teaching my youngest will have to do.


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