Sunday 18 May 2014

Meet Mr Wonky...

Warwick Ressi was the venue for a short mornings session. Without any plans as such I took a small quantity of groundbait and 1/2 a pint of casters. Simple tactics a pole float, my 8ft TFG compact allrounder rod and centrepin. I was just happy to see what came along. I'm no match fisherman and to be honest I don't like the haul them in tactics of many, but there is a certain satisfaction of seeing a pole float go under.

What came along was loads of fish, Silver Bream, Perch, Tench, Rudd, Crucian Carp and Roach. Nothing of great size really apart from a wonky carp that the bailiff said turns up from time to time. Despite his obvious disfigurement he seems to be managing ok. I probably had 30lbs of fish or so, an enjoyable morning especially when I was bathed in sun.

The river season cannot come soon enough, lakes are just not me. Talking of rivers I'm now in possession of a Warwick book so this coming season I've plenty more flowing water to go at.

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  1. Nice bag of fish Mick. I'm going to pick up a Warwick book again after a few years break, mostly for a bit of variety when the predator season kicks off. You'll enjoy Saxon Mill for sure. I agree about the rivers - can't start soon enough. I've not even wet a line for over a month now.


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