Monday 1 July 2013

Pastures New....

I had a few hours yesterday evening trundling some meat down some new swims down the 'brook', I arrived at the first swim to see the dark shadows of a Barbel and a few Chub coming up in the water to grab what was coming down the current so I fed some hemp and corn for 10 minutes or so before I dropped in the baited hook.  A simple set-up loafer float between some float stops, a cheap garish centrepin off Ebay and big lump of meat on the hook and 3 swan shot 6 inches or so from the bait to keep it dragging bottom.

First fish to take a liking to the piece of meat was a Pike of around 5lb, the greedy little water wolf put up a decent fight before his numerous sharp teeth broke the line.

5 minutes later I had the first Chub 3.5 / 4lb or so and ten minutes after that another of similar size

The swim went quiet so I moved to the next peg down and again didn't take long for the first Chub to arrive. I haven't really given trotting that much attention but it's a method I'll give a go again. They properly nail the bait too so you cannot really miss the bites.

In three hours I landed 8 Chub all over 3lb, no Barbel today but I've always found August to be more productive. I've the rods set-up for a reservoir trip this week but I'll be back to Brook as soon as I can as there is one particular swim I want to try as it screams Barbel.


  1. Good angling sir, a fine way to tempt a fish. I will be watching to see if you bag a barbel. All the best.

  2. Nice session, certainly keeps you busy while the barbel sort themselves out.


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