Sunday, 18 November 2012

Warwickshire Stour - 18.11.12

I'm known for having a good moan and today was no exception, I think I've been spoilt in the past with Leamington Spa AA, great website, regular newsletter and quick responses to emails, Stratford-Upon-Avon AA on the other hand is complete contrast, no website and to date I've had few emails not answered and phone calls not returned, it is 2012 isn't it ?.

I got to Wimpstone at 7.00am, a lovely white blanket over the fields and a dry fresh morning, I planned to walk the full stretch to Preston and had some bread discs ( Jeff Hatt Style ) and my homemade smelly cheese paste to target the Chub. Within half an hour after feeding some swims with some liquidised bread I had a long lean Chub on the bank which took a liking to a folded 30mm disc. 3.5 / 4lb or so.

Before moving to another swim I noticed some other anglers walking across the meadow, hmmm obviously a match on. Twice now I've fished the Stour where there was meant to be a match on but was cancelled  on the day as it didn't suit the match anglers, I'm not a fair weather fisherman and fish all weathers and conditions.  This morning there was a  decent frost and the match anglers would be sat on their backsides nailed to one spot for 5 hours I was suprised to see them, anyway I got speaking to the Chairman's Son and was given the option of fishing further downstream, oh well at least I had the option, from what I could see though, only 5 anglers, a match  ?  >200  yards apart ?.  Problem for me is Sunday is about the best day I can go fishing and it kinda limits my options somewhat. I was also told it was a bit of a clique, I've not really experienced that, and those members that I have met have been nice enough.

One of my moans was reference to Hampton Lucy Brook, I fear they may lose that stretch, I know from speaking to the farmer as I was leaving once he isn't happy, I remove litter when I see it and it seems that it's becoming a problem, not something the club can do, that's understandable but the 'official' car park is now no longer usable for members, apparently to deter poachers they have replaced the combination lock on the gate with a key lock, all very well but many members will be put off as they haven't a secure parking option.

The more members they have there the better as it sort of self Polices itself, I've got the Chairman's mobile number now,  I might give him a ring to see if I can help out in any way. Apparently they do manage the banks and swims but in the Summer I had to battle the way through 6ft stingers to get to a few swims so maybe I can get permission to take my strimmer down. I live 10 minutes away, some of the committee live in Birmingham, not ideal.

Some nice pics taken on the Iphone but sadly no more fish landed, I managed to miss two belting bites on big lumps of Cheese paste and a jack pike broke me off when he took a liking to a lobworm. Meant to be some good Roach here up to 2lb so might scale my tackle down a tad and try and target them. A lovely stretch of water and I'll be back, well on a Saturday from now on. I've also been given some excellent tips about some of the pegs and the fish that reside there so with my new found knowledge I'll be putting that in to action.


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