Monday 29 October 2012

The Brook - 28.10.12

I had planned to fish a maggot feeder and a boilie for the chance of an Autumn Barbel but a trip to Stuarts Angling in Stratford-Upon-Avon Saturday morning I found the shop closed, the post was mounting up through the letterbox, hmmm not good. I know the owner has health problems, I hope all is ok.

Without maggots I decided to go to my Perch banker swim at the Brook and also take a lure rod to investigate the weir. The Avon had dropped 1m since last week and it was clear too. No other angler is sight I had the whole river stretch to explore.

After just a few casts in to the weir, BANG !!!! a fish took the spinner on the drop, I thought it might have been a Pike as first but as I wasn't using a trace and a half decent fight the fish was still on. It turned out to be long but lean Chub, 4lb 2oz and my first to be caught when lure fishing

No more takers on the lure so I moved downstream and tried a few swims with lobworm on a link ledgered set-up. The banks have been cut back and the weed died off a bit so some swims seemed more accessible, Perch are greedy little beggers and the Brook seems to hold lots of them, I had 50 lobworms and within a couple of hours and trying to re-use as many as I could I ran out. Most were over 1/2 a pound with the best two fish below. 1lb 12oz and 2lb 3oz

One of the smaller Perch I was bringing it was snapped up by a Pike that looked about 8lb or so, with Polarised sunglasses on and the clear water I could see the ordeal the Perch was going through. The Pike must have seen me and also felt the resistance of the rod as it unlatched itself and I the Perch survived to see another day.

Come winter time I might bring by Pike gear out to see what I can catch, an enjoyable few hours, in great surroundings and no one else in sight.

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  1. chub and perch, always brighten up the day.

    Well done chap


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