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Monday 18 June 2012

Hampton Lucy Brook - 17.06.12

I’ve bought a Stratford-Upon-Avon book this year, apart from a lovely looking stretch of the Stour between Preston On Stour and Wimpstone that looks good for winter Chubbing they also have some nice and quiet Avon stretches that I fancied giving a go. Vary it up a bit, so to speak.

So the first new stretch I decided to try was Hampton Lucy Brook, after enjoying a hog roast and a beer at Snitterfields village fete for Father’s day I had a bit of a reccy with the Wife and kids afterwards, the official car park you cannot access from what I can see, there are two locks on the gate, a normal key padlock and a combination lock, the combination lock didn’t even work with the code stated in the book. Not a major problem as there is sufficient parking outside the gate but the Wife had baby Sam strapped to her back and the last thing she wanted was to clamber over a wet gate :)

I doubt it gets fished much, there is a bit of a trek to the pegs and so many anglers these days like convenience. Lots of feature though, a weir pool, some long slower and deeper stretches and also some face paced narrow sections with lots of overhanging trees. I got there at 7.45pm and first fished the base of the weir, 1 rod with lobworm the other with a huge pellet, not a knock for an hour so I moved downstream to one of the narrower swims.

I was getting indications on the lobworm rod right from the off and missed a couple of bites which were violent hit and run Chub bites. The pellet rod was also receiving some attention albeit probably small fish.

The heavens opened around 9.30pm and I was considering packing up when I got a proper 4ft twitch, one of those unmissable bites that I knew was a Barbel. It felt a bit chubbish when playing it though, trying to get into every snag possible. A bit of bullying and it was in the net, a lovely small Barbel in mint condition, it was hammering it down with rain at this point so I didn’t bother to weigh it, was probably a tad over 5lb I’d say. After taking one of the worst photos I’ve ever taken I allowed it to recover and returned it to the water. The Wife thinks I’m mad, but I’m no fair-weather fisherman and today it paid off, an enjoyable Fathers day.


  1. Looks like a lovely stretch of water, nice one with the barbel (we all take photos like that from time to time).

  2. Is that where the Dene flows in Mick below wasperton .....or is it below Hampton lucy weir and Alveston ???? Sorry to ask so many questions but just trying to get my barings ...



  3. Already looked low in places last time I went Sean, easily see the bottom over large stretches of it. My kind of venue though, lovely and peaceful.

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