Thursday, 17 May 2012

Snitterfield Reservoir - 17.05.12

On the spur of the moment decided to have a quick hour session after work. Really handy for me as I can get there in 10 minutes. Armed with a carp rod rigged with an imitation dog biscuit on a controller float set-up I tried to winkle out a carp off the surface. Soon after spraying some chum mixer they soon started to hoover them up, for some reason though ignored the hook bait, how do they know ? :)

I removed the controller float as I thought that might have spooked them so with just the imitation biscuit on the end I cast amongst some weeds and waited, sure enough a carp eventually took the bait and I was into a decent fish, sadly the bend in the rod was short lived and I lost the fish, it felt big too. Maybe it wasn't that well hooked because as soon I felt some resistance the fish was off. The carp were certainly active so roll on the warmer weather. Keith any tips with the surface fishing at Snitterfield ?


  1. They can be crafty at Snitterfield Mick!

    If you email me I'll tell you how I approach it. There are no guarantees but it seems to work -


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