Thursday, 15 March 2012

Edstone aqueduct (near Bearley) to Wilmcote - Canal Fishing

I’ve been trying to find out who owns the fishing rights between Edstone Aqueduct at Bearley and Wilmcote and have finally had some success; I received an email reply from Carl Nicholls the Fisheries and Angling Manager at British Waterways.

Edstone aqueduct is the longest in England apparently and well worth a look if you haven't seen it.  It's more or less just behind the Golden Cross Pub between Henley in Arden and Stratford Upon Avon. Might get my mountain bike out with a rod and few maggots and see how I do and also might try for Zander when the nights get lighter and I can fish into dusk.

See info below..............

"The fishing rights between Edstone aqueduct (near Bearley) and Wilmcote are owned by British Waterways. This section of canal is not currently controlled by any angling clubs and falls under British Waterways Waterway Wanders permit. This permit is an annual permit that allows anglers to legally fish (i.e. have British Waterways permission to fish) all British Waterways waters that are not already controlled by angling clubs.

For further details on the Waterway Wanders permit and a full list of all the waters it covers, please follow the link below.


  1. Great Idea Mick but what a barren soul less place to fish . then when the sun arrives it will be like spag junction winners mate .....there are quieter bits around knowle etc if you look .

    I wouldnt give my dough to BW either just my personal opinion.

    Bazal p

  2. Mick I have fished around the edstone aquaduct a few times. Above the lock nearby is something to do with a club but the rest of it is ok. Don't bother with the waterways waders permit as I got one last year discounted to £10 from leamington angling ass. It was a total waste of money cos no one ever asked for it and even when I was fishing within feet of a large group of BW workers they never gave a dam.

  3. I was planning to pay if a baliff asked, we all know never going to happen. When you walk up the side of the aquaduct there was club sign / phone number but I tried and failed a couple of times to get through. I've never seen any anglers fish the stretch even on a hot summers day, the only anglers I've seen have been next to their boats near Wilmcote. I did hear they removed some Zander from the stretch but haven't had it confirmed. It's 5 mins by bike hence my interest and I've certainly seen some decent fish there. Needs leaves on the trees, otherwise it can look a little lacking in feature and character.

  4. Now is the time when the clubs will show up Mick. They sometimes fish Sunday matches above the lock past the aqueduct. As for the club on the sign I also tried to contact them and did one time speak to the guy who told me they did not have it any more.
    Don't bother fishing around the aqueduct itself but the out fall from the lock has proved reliable in the past.
    The Zander did get electro fished a couple of years ago but they will have repopulated by now mate.

  5. I got asked if i was interested in one of the wanders tickets a while back on my local cut.
    I told him if they stopped removing the fish to stock their commercials like blythe waters in knowle, then I might have considered it, but as I already had other tickets that cover plenty of midlands canal why would I bother.

    Never seen him again down there!


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