Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wasperton - 29.10.10

I'm making the most of my BAA book as I'm not renewing it next year, in addition to my Leamington Anglers Association book I'll be adding the Stratford Upon Avon book. Anyway I parked at the oak tree in Wasperton and with my pike roving gear, walked the whole stretch of the Avon right down to the Hampton Lucy Weir and back again .The River was low and clear on this lovely October morning.

With the bleeding roach attached to the wire trace at the S bend  ( shown below ) on the Leamington stretch a greedy little jack took a fancy to it. Sadly that's all I managed, but at least I didn't blank.

Stunning scenery at Wasperton and such a nice 3.8 mile walk in the fresh air , shame the fishing sometimes cannot match it


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