Sunday, 11 September 2011

Barton 10.09.11

I have a BAA book, never fished Barton before so went for a few hours. I got there early to try and fish the weir swim but there were a few anglers already there. Two had been there overnight, 3 rods, bite alarms, carp rods and short hooklength carp rigs, not had anything apparently apart from chub knocks. they pointed out a dead barbel just in the margin, looked a decent size too :(. Another angler on the next peg down had a small chub. I settled in a swim just downstream of the weir, a swim that was littered with rubbish, cans everwhere, luncheon meat tins etc, great.

Gin clear and I could see decent chub in the swim, couldn't connect to anything decent though, biggest about 3/4's of a pound.

The three anglers eventually left and I had the last hour in the weir peg but no takers. What really pi**ed me off though was the angler who was on his own clearly just left his rubbish, this was an angler who used a trolley to cart all his stuff to his peg. Why ?.

I'm not going to renew my BAA book next year, I don't want to be associated with the angling underclass who give us decent anglers, those that appreciate the countryside a bad name. Everytime I've fished a BAA water I've had problems in one form or another, BAA need to act in my opinion, have more baliff's, ban people.

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  1. The fact that you hold a BAA book means you are in fact a bailiff and intitled to check his book and ask him to remove said rubbish.


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